Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Hundreds of Aussies

In seven days time Indonesia host Australia at the Bung Karno Stadium in the Asian Cup qualifiers. Officials anticipate something like 500 dinky di Aussies will be supporting their team and arrangements are being made to guarantee their safety in the stadium.

Far be it for me to put the Aussies off from coming but perhaps they should each wear an akubra? Those lads in the upper tier do like a laugh once in a while and they also have very weak bladders so, for a jolly good wheeze, they like to fill plastic water bottles with their teh botol stained piss and throw it in to the seats below.

English though I am this game does have a special meaning to me. I spent a few years living downunder and indeed my first Socceroos game was against 1 FK Gothenburg back in 1988 at Parramatta Stadium. Sorry, that's not strictly true. I also saw them play Arsenal at Highbury in 1984 in front of 4,500 fans!

John Kosmina played in that game for the Aussies and it was a kind of home coming for him having spent some time with the Arsenal in the late 70's. Next time I saw him play was in the early 90's in the NSW State League. A group of us had headed south to see the mighty St George take on the ridiculously named Westfield Sutherland Shire Sharks and golly did we have some banter with Kossie!?

Despite my links to Australia they are in the past and next week the last thing I want is to be mistaken for one. Time to dig out an old England shirt for the game and stick close to the mighty Ibu.

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