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DPMM to join SLeague?

DPMM FC may play in S-League, Singapore Cup
Jason Thomas
Friday, January 30, 2009
DPMM FC yesterday confirmed rumours that they are interested in playing in the Singapore League (S-League) subject to approval from the International Federation of Association Football (Fifa).The Brunei Times on Jan 10 quoted DPMM FC team manager Pg Waslimin PSJ Momin as saying that the club was "looking at other alternatives such as playing in other foreign leagues" since it was banned from playing in the Malaysian Super League by the Football Association of Malaysia after the Registrar of Societies (RoS) deregistered the Football Association of Brunei Darussalam (Bafa) in November for failing to submit its activity and financial reports as requested.

Pg Waslimin travelled to Singapore this week to meet Football Association of Singapore (FAS) and S-League officials and yesterday revealed that there was still hope for competitive football this season.

"There are still a few matters to be resolved such as the home and away format and approval from Fifa," Pg Waslimin told The Brunei Times yesterday."But in Fifa's eyes Bafa is still the governing body for football in Brunei.

"The S-League has talked to the chairmen of all the clubs (in Singapore) because we want to play our home games in Brunei."

Set to kick off on Feb 16 and end on Nov 8, the S-League will involve 12 teams with each side playing a total of 33 matches during the 2009 season, which is divided into three rounds.Pg Waslimin added that the club would be happy if it could play a third of their games at the Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium in Berakas, but admitted that he was resigned to the possibility of S-League officials denying the request.

With only three weeks to go until the season kicks off, fixtures need to be reworked to accommodate DPMM FC and S-League clubs might be hesitant to agree to the idea.

"Whatever it is, the ball is in their (S-League officials) hands," said Pg Waslimin, adding that the club would also be able to compete in the Singapore Cup.Bafa's status and the possibility of DPMM FC joining the S-League will be on the agenda during Asian Football Confederation's (AFC) executive committee meeting early next month, with S-League officials expected to confirm DPMM FC's inclusion either next Wednesday or Thursday.

Bafa secretary-general Pg Matusin Matasan was also fully behind DPMM FC joining the S-League, but said that the matter was one which needed to be resolved between FAS and Bafa."It has nothing to do with Fifa ... this is only between the two associations," he said.

COMMENT - interesting idea and perhaps the reason why the SLeague fixtures haven't appeared yet. But, and a major but, would the other SLeague sides be willing to travel to Brunei for games and all the expense that entails. And a 13 team league? Not sure FIFA would be too happy about that.

Hi there, I am from Singapore and I would like to comment that I am impressed with your blog. Very good information about regional football. I am very glad that there are people like you who would make the effort to make this blog. By the way, why would FIFA be not happy about a 13 team S-League?
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