Monday, January 19, 2009


Dolphins aim higher

You almost got to feel sorry for Sengkang Pungol last season in the SLeague. In their 33 league games they managed something like 12 goals, I forget the exact figure, and wins were as common as snow on Bukit Timah.

But a breath of fresh air is blowing through Hougang Stadium now. A high profile coach has come in and money has been invested on established and aging star names while there is also even a blog now for die hard fans.

Former Woodlands Wellington coach Jorg Steinebrunner being appointed sent out a strong message that the Dolphins finally meant business. Ironically I was at the SP v WW game last season at the Hougang and before I fell asleep (jetlag!) the highlight had been the abuse hurled at JS by some of the home support.

Former national team captain Aide Iskander came in but he wasn't the last major signing. Murphy Wiredu and Anthony Bahadur were signed after impressing in a sries of friendlies between Singapore sides and a group of Canucks who came over looking for some warmth and a kick around.

Abdoulaye Djibril left Persiraja in Indonesia to join Jorg's revolution while former Rams defender Jerry Bartholomeusz followed his old boss to the Hougang.

But there was more to come as current internationals Noh Rahman and Fazrul Nawaz left Geylang United.

Sengkang Punggol have rarely hit the headlines even in the small world of Singapore football but a hectic pre season has raised the profile of this club from the north east of the island. Whether success follows remains to be seen but the Dolphins are giving it a go in 2009.

Hi Anthony,

I am one of the 2 administrators of "Fish out of Water" blog.

Thanks for the heads up in your blog, would you mind a blog roll exchange?

Optimism surely is on the up at the North Eastern part of Singapore but after the appalling season we had last year, things surely have to be on the up
next update...
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