Monday, January 19, 2009


Australian squad to face Indonesia

Australian coach Pim Verbeek has announced his squad for the upcoming Asian Cup qualifiers against Indonesia on 28 January. As expected he has gone with an all A League selection, no European club would release a player for a non FIFA date, so there will be plenty of debutants stepping on the field at Bung Karno next Wednesday.

Given a full round of fixtures the weekend before in Australia, the squad won't be getting much quality preparation before the game. They are due to arrive in Jakarta on the Sunday before the game.

Danny ALLSOPP Melbourne Victory 2 (0), Billy CELESKI Melbourne Victory -, Shannon COLE Sydney FC -, Robert CORNTHWAITE Adelaide United -, Tarek ELRICH Newcastle Jets -Eugene GALEKOVIC Adelaide United -, Dean HEFFERNAN Central Coast Mariners -, Scott JAMIESON Adelaide United -, Dylan MACALLISTER Central Coast Mariners -, Matthew McKAY Queensland Roar 1 (0), Craig MOORE Queensland Roar 40 (3), Tom PONDELJAK Melbourne Victory 4 (0), Paul REID Adelaide United -, Matt SIMON Central Coast Mariners -Michael THEOKLITOS Melbourne Victory -, Archie THOMPSON Melbourne Victory 30 (21), Matthew THOMPSON Newcastle Jets -, Nikolai TOPOR-STANLEY Perth Glory 3 (0), Rodrigo VARGAS Melbourne Victory -, Danny VUKOVIC Central Coast Mariners -, Michael ZULLO Queensland Roar -

When Sydney played Persik Kediri in the Champions League back in 2007 they were woefully unprepared and lost 2-1. Surely Verbeek with all his experience won't make the same mistake?

Of course he can make the same mistake ... and don't call him Shirley.
Funny name for a Dutchman - Shirley. But I guess it takes all types!!!!

Seriously though - I don't think this side will be woefully unprepared but they will definitely be underprepared. The latest news here has Craig Moore saying that he hopes they will be able to get in 2 decent training sessions before the game. Given that most of this squad are making their international debuts, thats not a lot of time to try and get some cohesion worked up.

Personally, I think Australia will be doing very well if they come out of the game with a draw. I haven't seen anything of Indonesian football since the 2007 Asian Cup, but on their performances there I actually think that Indonesia will win this game at home. Its not only a very inexperienced Australian side - its also miles away in quality and skill from the No. 1 side which is made up almost totally (with the exception of Moore) of players from European leagues.
Just a little Airplane, Bruce.

I wouldn't be so quick to big up Indonesia. I saw all of their matches at the AFF Cup ... they're quick and aggressive, but their fitness only holds until the 60th or 70th minute and they have trouble breaking down bigger, more organized defenses.

A draw would suit both sides, I think.
as tb says indonesia still have question marks over their stamina and their ability to finish.

one source told me that the aussies were planning on training on the tuesday in the stadium itself, they had rejected the offered facilities for the monday
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