Friday, April 13, 2007


More from the Sydney coach

I'm wondering whether Sydney underestimated Persik Kediri. Their coach before the game bragged about his team's superior football ability and bemoaned the lack of game time. After the game he was quoted in the Jakarta Post as saying

"My team has been under pressure from playing in various tournaments in the past two months. Besides we were also affected by the heat and the food here," he said.

Before the game he had this to say

"The fact the boys don't really have any match fitness because - other than a friendly with (NSW Premier League side) Marconi last week - they haven't really played a top level game for three weeks, that's a real concern."Add to that the playing surface is, at best, average, and the fact the crowds can be very hostile - there are quite a few things going against us."

So before the game they've not played enough. After the game they've played too much???!!! And then the food was a problem!!??

This is the Asian Champions League friend. The beauty of it is Shanghai and Solo. The venues are as varied as the region. The games are televised, surely getting hold of a video of a Persik game was not rocket science.

So in a nutshell - the players weren't fit, the pitch average, the crowds hostile, Sydney have played too much, it was too hot and the food was a problem...

And they call us whingers!

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