Monday, December 22, 2008


Where's your famous Kallang Roar?

OK so I wasn't expecting Bung Karno replicated in twee Singapore but I was looking for a bit more than we got yesterday from the fans. 55,000 were inside the National Stadium, including perhaps a couple of thousand Vietnamese but the best we got from the home fans were a few Mexican waves and the odd chant of Sin-Ga-Pore.

After the goal went in there were some scuffles in front of the main stand and one twat in front of me jumping up and down and trying very hard to look tough withouth actually threatening to hurt anyone beyond his friend who was lightly holding his t shirt. I can imagine him at school toady - ' if he hadn't of held me back I would have got straight in there.'

Just like Bung Karno though some plastic bottles were thrown in the direction of the celebrating Vietnamese fans while on the pitch after the final whistle visiting photographers were told to keep off the grass where the players were celebrating in front of their delierious fans and refused to do so. This spectacle then saw some silver haired gent involved in pushing them away which was great entertainment for a while.

Anyway you can catch all the excitement of the game with images from Ho Chi Minh's Barmy Army here and the muted Kallang Roar here.

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