Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Vietnamese fans attacked

This story has been overlooked by the mainstream media here as far as I can tell but Red Sports has run with it.

After the AFF Cup semi final defeat by Vietnam some Singaporeans weren't so enamoured by defeat and took to attacking the visiting fans, leaving burnt flags and bloodied faces.

Before the game I jokingly pointed out to a local friend that Indonesia had had something like 2,000 security personnel on duty during the semi final with Thailand but there was nothing around the National Stadium.

During the game plastic bottles were thrown at a group of Veitnamese fans at the front of the grandstand while at least one 'security' melted away. It took a few moments for the part time police to settle it down.

After the game, perhaps an hour later, there was still a group of Vietnamese sitting on the steps of the western entrance being watched over by the hobby cops...obviously worried about moving to far from the stadium after what had happened earlier.

Who'd have thought it eh? Singaporean hooligans! Next up, the Lions take it to Bung Karno...

Singapore media turning a blind eye to something controversial?

Knock me over with a feather.
to be fair.. I doubt they were aware on what was happening at the point of time.. perhaps still discussing abt the goal scored that trigger the fight on the stands?
not the first time. not the first time.

2004's was worse in my point of view. bottles broken. myanmar fans hospitalised. bins flying from one side to another.

imagined if we lost against malaysia 2 years ago.
as pohui says the incidents outside would have been missed by the mainstream media who were busy filing at the time.

at least redsports went with it and plenty of comment on big soccer as well as kallang roar
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