Sunday, December 21, 2008


Thailand v Indonesia 2-1

For a few heady moments at the Rajamangala Indonesia believed. It didn't last, it never does for Indonesian football fans.

Benny Dollo sprang a couple of surprises with his starting line up that saw Musafri in for Bambang and Syamsul coming into the centre of midfield alongside Firman Utina.

Despite the early goal and impressive start where Musafri buzzed and annoyed the Thai defence you had to believe the Thais had enough about them to come out on top. And they did.

Still, Markus Horison was again impressive.

we were indeed impressed with the commentary by Masefield and Sasi on Starsport, as well :P
Word is Sriwijaya FC is looking to sign either Dangda or Winothai next season to prepare for Champions League.
winothai is off too belgium in january
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