Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Questions about PSM coach

The people who run the national team are asking questions about PSM coach Raja Isa's training methods.

Benny Dollo recently added Rahmat Latif and Jayusman Triasdi o the squad currently training for the Asian Cup qualifiers that begin next month but was disturbed to find out that their fitness levels were below the standard of the rest of the squad.

And this despite the fact that PSM have been in a training camp near Makassar recently.

Much was made when Dollo added the dup to the squad as they were seen as young and fresh but now questions are being directed at Raja Isa. How can older players like Ponaryo, Firman and Bambang be graded as much fitter than a couple of youngsters?

Slow news day I guess. Reporting of this story doesn't feature any input from the Malaysian Isa.

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