Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Markus Horison (PSMS & Indonesia)

It may have been an indifferent AFF Cup for Indonesia but at least one player has come out of it with a reputation burnished.

The 27 year old goalie started his footballing career with PSL Langkat in 2000 before moving to Batam and PSKB Binjai. There must be some kind of scouting network in place throughout the islands because by 2003 he was picked up by PSMS from North Sumatra.

He spent five seasons with the team nicknamed the 'Fighting Chickens' before moving to Persik Kediri at the start of the current 2008/2009 season. He moved on because there was confusion as to whether PSMS would be playing in the ISL as they were plagued by money problems.

Six months later he returned to Medan as, ironically, it was Persik who were mired in financial difficulties and Horison sought the security of a regular pay packet.

It was only 18 months ago that Horison made his international debut in the friendly against Hong Kong when a comfortable 3-0 victory saw him with little to do.

He made one appearance during the Asian Cup last year against South Korea but it has been 2008 when he has finally made the number one shirt his own, replacing the older Hendro Kartiko and Jendri Pitoy.

He was impressive in Myanmar during the Grand Royal Challenge Cup where he proved to be an able shot stopper and fully in command of his area, always willing to attack high balls. One possible weakness is when shots are fired in hard directly at him and he elects to punch the ball.

But while the jersey looks in safe hands for now you can be sure Horison won't get complacent. Not with the likes of Fery Rotinsulu and Dian Agus Prasetyo waiting for his high standards to slip.

But for now is Markus Horison the best keeper in ASEAN?


No he's not. He often over estimates his ability to come out for the ball and misses it. If only he can tone that down by two notch then it'll be perfect.

What we need is a strong center back that can work with him. Don't mention Charis. If only M Robby is a little bit bulkier..
during the grcc he flapped once or twice but feel durung the aff he has been more consistent

strong centre backs? and a teerathep type striker!
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