Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Indonesia v Thailand 0-1

Just got back from Bung Karno, well the pub actually. What a game!

The Thais did exactly what Singapore did last week, go for it from the very first kick and within moments they were 1-0 up. From a header again.

Teerasil was the scorer but the Thai's inspiraton was Teeratep Winothai who was imperious throughout the game, giving the hapless Nova Arianto such a torried time first half that the Indonesian coach Benny Dollo replaced the Persib defender before the half time whistle.

One day all south east Asian strikers will be like the Belgian bound Teeratep. Big, strong, mobile, intelligent.

Second half Indonesia relentlessly attacked the Thai goal, having a good goal disallowed, a penalty appeal turned down and a flurry of corners right at the end that had Thai hearts in their mouths.

Perhaps the only thing that seperated the two sides today was a bit of guile that the Thais had in abundance with players like Sutee, Teeratep, Teerasil and Datsakorn.

Now for a word about the geezer with the whistle. Oh boy he was a shocker. Every 50/50 as near as dammit went the way of the Thais. He disallowed three goas, two for the Indonesians. This guy wouldn't give the Indonesians directions back to their hotel yet at the same time he was lenient every time a Thai player fell over. Which was often.

Friends of mine had the visiting physio as man of the match, he was on the pitch so damned often.

At least you couldn't accuse the ref of being a homer but he was shocking.

But don't let that quibble detract from a great game of football between two sides hell bent on attack.

I spoke with Budi Sudarsono after the game and he shrugged his shoulders before saying 'no luck.' He was right, Indonesia had no luck. If just some of those 50/50s had gone the other, if the goals had been allowed, if a pen had been given. That word if again. If I wore a pointy bra I could pretend to be Madonna.

First half action
Second half action

INDONESIA: Markus Harison Rihihina (GK), Charis Yulianto (Cpt), Ismed Sofyan, Isnan Ali, Irsyad Aras (Arief Suryono), Nova Arianto (M Roby), Muhammad Ilham, Firman Utina, Ponaryo Astaman, Budi Sudarsono, Bambang Pamungkas (TA Musafry)
THAILAND: Kittisak Rawangpa (GK), Suree Sukha, Chonlatit Jantakam, Nataporn Phanrit, Datsakorn Thonglao (Cpt), Suchao Nutnum, Teerasil Dangda, Natthapong Samabna, Teeratep Winothai, Surat Sukha, Sutee Suksomkit

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