Thursday, December 25, 2008


Indonesia puts country before club

The ISL is to be rescheduled. Again.

Because the national team will be in training for the two Asian Cup qualifiers next month Indonesia's premier domestic league will not start until February, one month after it's original start date of 3 January.

Quite why nobody thought of this when they first drew up the fixtures is no longer beyond me.

It also means that clubs, already starved of funds, will have gone three months without any cash through the turnstiles after the league stopped aty the beginning of November so the national team could prepare for the AFF Cup.

So the national team started training back in March 08 and had friendlies through April, May and June. In August they hosted the Merdeka Cup, and the ISL took a month's sabbatical having only begun in July.

Yet again we have a stop start season in Indonesia because some people seem to lack the capacity to look ahead. And you know the irony here? Under the old calender the season ran from February to November and all this nonsense would have been avoided!

Oh well...

Big elections coming up in 2009, too ... probably need a break for both the general and presidential elections.

The BLI wouldn't let another year of continental football slip through its fingers, would it?
yeap, the bloody elections...

they missed out on acl football two years out the last three, perhaps they fancy the hat trick?!
Either that or it's a quite underhanded way to avoid being embarassed on the continent.
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