Monday, November 24, 2008


Indonesia's results 2008

A look at Indonesia's recent games shows something we have all known for a while. They find scoring goals difficult.

v Myanmar 1-2 (own goal)
v Hyundai Ulsan 0-0
v Myanmar 1-2 (Ismed Sofyan)
v Bangladesh 2-0 (Musafry, Firman Utina)
v Libya 3-1 (won by default)
v Myanmar 4-0 (Arif Suyono 2, Budi Sudarsono, Bambang)
v Cambodia 7-0 (Budi Sudarsono 4, Charis Yulianto, M Ilham, Bambang)
v New Zealand 2-1 (Firman Utina, Budi Sudarsono)
v Vietnam 1-0 (Bambang)
v Malaysia 1-1 (Bambang)
v Yemen 1-0 (Bambang)

Four goals in the last five games and one of them an own goal. Indonesia have called up Budi Sudarsono for their training camp that begins in a day or so but for the first time questions are being asked about Bambang's place in the team. Without a goal in his last four games a couple of websites have queried his seemingly automatic place in the team, soon forgetting his five in six games.

The arrival of Musafry in the national team has been one of the few spots and against Bangladesh especially he impressed, scoring one and generally being a nuisance. Likewise in the final against Myanmar he was a constant danger with his runs. Suyono also impressed when he played in the centre of the midfield but the elegant Arema playmaker needs a Syamsul alongside him. But will Dollo drop Ponaryo Astaman?

But two defeats in 10 games, not including the Libya game when they were losing 1-0 at half time, isn't a bad record to take into the AFF Cup...two defeats have come recently in Yangon but the Myanmar side won't fancy playing in Bung Karno again.

There are concerns though. The defence looked out of sorts in Yangon recently, the midfield disappeared in the second half of the final and Ismed pumping 40 yard balls forward for Bambang to knock down with no midfield in support, isn't going to win any trophies.

Isnan Ali wasn't at his best and the two centre backs, Charis and Usep Munandar, played like strangers. Luckily one area Indonesia is well blessed is between the sticks and Markus Horison is one player who returned from Myanmar with his reputation improved while Dian Agus Prasetyo and Feri Rotinsulu are more than competent back up. So much so Hendro Kartiko seems very much the forgotten man along with Jendri Pitoy.

Playing in front of 80,000 passionate fans will give the Indonesians a slight edge but there is no doubt Benny Dollo needs to work on a few areas over the next few days for the merah putih to stand a chance.

I doubt the result would be different than their recent stud at GRC.

Dollo obviously doesn't have the ball to call Papuan talents such as Komboy, Rumaropen (8 goals so far!) and Boaz into the main team. He wants to stick to his old squad who rarely change and failed to impress since late 2007 until now.
he does stick with the tried and trusted doesn t he. the same old faces have followed from arema to persita...

keeping away from the papuans is a mystery...or perhaps not judging by his recent comment about personality
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