Friday, October 10, 2008


Ref Lamping Time

Fun and games at Jatidiri Stadium yesterday during the 1-1 draw between PSIS and PSMS. The visitors, fresh from defeating Pelita Jaya last time out, were awarded a penalty. The PSIS manager took umbrage at this and charged onto the pitch, clumping the match official with a right hook.

PSMS scored. The ref was changed and the home team equalise, with a spot kick, right at the end.

I didn't see the game though a picture of the ref trying to avoid the incoming does appear on the front page of one of the better local papers. Which is good for Indonesian football.

My Semarang contacts tell me all sorts of wonderful stuff which I shall refrain from posting.

One wonders whether the offender faces any legal action for this.

Indonesia follows the European model of having a coach and a team manager. The manager the decisions while the coach takes the blame as far as I can make out. Which is fair. If you're a manager.

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