Saturday, October 25, 2008


Possible Myanmar Schedule

The Grand Royal Challenge Cup kicks off next month in Myanmar but beyond Indonesia and Myanmar competing I had little idea who was taking part. Local media have been reporting the competition will take place from 9-15 November with the Indonesians arriving on 7th.

Now I have found this info from Big Soccer

Group A
Bangladesh, Myanmar and Indonesia
Group B
Vietnam OT, Malaysia U23 and Ulsan Hyundai FC

11/11/08 Myanmar vs Bangladesh
12/11/08 Vietnam OT vs Malaysia U23
13/11/08 Bangladesh vs Indonesia
14/11/08 Malaysia U23 vs Ulsan Hyundai FC
15/11/08 Myanmar vs Indonesia
16/11/08 Ulsan Hyundai FC vs Vietnam OT
18-19/11/08 Semi-finals
21/11/08 Final

Different dates to what the Indonesian media is reporting. We'll find out soon enough maybe.

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