Monday, October 13, 2008


Persita v Deltras

This clash of the cellar dwellers stayed pretty dormant for 89 minutes before explosing into life right at the death.

What football there was came from the visiting Deltras with Roberto dangerous in the air and Begottoni showing flashes of skill. Indeed Bergottoni was at the heart of the best move of the game when he intelligently released someone wide. The Brazilian found space in the penalty box and when the ball was pulled back his side footed effort brought a great save from Wawan in the Persita goal.

It was another flowing Deltras move that gave them the lead on 89'. A low cross from the left was much admired by the static Bruno Casmir. So impressed was the defender he allowed Sergei Yunior a free header and it was 1-0.

Seconds later down the other end and Deltras give away a free kick right on the 18 yard line. After some pinball in the goal mouth where the visitors were given chances to clear the bloody thing but couldn't Ervin took advantage and made it 1-1.

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