Thursday, October 23, 2008


Persija v Persela 0-0

Persija coach Danurwindo sprang a surprise going into this crucial away game by dropping Argentinian midfielder Robertinho. It wasn't the last surprise in a pretty uneventful game where Persela played to their strengths. Plenty of pressing in their opponents half and plenty of free kicks. It ain't pretty but they still need to work the keeper with the dead ball and they did that often enough to provide further evidence of their ability in this department.

Indeed Hendro Kartiko was the second busiest person in the first half as free kick after free kick rained on his goal and he punched, kicked and prayed for deliverance. The busiest was the person making a note of the stats.

Top scorer Marcio Souza and Edgar were constant threats from around the penalty area but the visitors somehow held firm.

Greg Nwokolo worked hard up front for Persija but while they played the better football they were unable to create too many opportunities. Their best in fact coming from their very own dead ball specialist Ismed Sofyan.

On 60' Danurwindo removed star striker and leading scorer Bambang Pamungkas, replacing him with Robertinho. A bit early to be playing for a draw me thought - I'm trying to find out the rationale for that decision. With 30 minutes on the clock you go defensive?

Persela had the chances, sorry, free kicks, to win. They didn't and Danurwindo will breathe a sigh of relief having lost the last three games on the road. Lamongan ain't an easy place to get anything, especially under lights that wouldn't have been strong enough for Subbueto games.

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