Thursday, October 30, 2008


Gonazalez in Trouble

He is without doubt one of the best players plying his trade in the country. For the last three year seasons he has been the League's top scorer and now, approaching the mid season break, he is again leading the scoring charts with 14 goals.

But within Christian Gonzalez lies a spark that is all too easy to light. Two years back in a final he lashed out at a player moments after scoring the winner in the final minute. He got red for his troubles. In January during the Liga Play Offs he sparked a melee when he was alleged to have been a bit too physical with Persija's man mountain Cameroonian Abanda Herman.

Now, in the wake of Persik's 2-1 victory over PSMS he stands accusued assaulting a PSMS player and, according to some reports has been reported to the police.

I never saw the incident so this is based on local media reports and quotes. I am omitting many of the allegations flying around.

Gonzalez is quality and he is a bonus to the ISL when he lets his football do the talking. But he does have a record of indiscipline and with Persik facing financial woes do they keep him and risk him exploding again or do they let him go?

There'll be no shortage of suitors with the likes of Persib and Persiba already being linked with the Uruguayan striker.

Let's hope he calms down. It wasn't that long ago Cameroonian striker Emile Mbamba was banned for five years from the game in Indonesia for continued petulance, we don't want to see another talented player go the same way.

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