Sunday, September 28, 2008


What a Weekend of Action!


Chonburi v Port 0-0
Bangkok Bank v Bangkok University 0-0
TOT v Army 0-0
Chula United v KTB 2-2
Customs v TTM 2-1
BEC Tero Sasana v PEA 1-0
Nakorn Pathom v Osotspa 1-2
Samut Songkram v Bang Phra 2-1

35 yellows in 8 games but Chonburi return to the top of the table despite drawing 0-0 with Port. PEA losing to BEC does that you know with the club associated with Arsenal now 4 points behind the two leaders who are seperated by goal difference.


Persitara v PSIS 2-0 (Rachmat Rivai 2) 3,000 (was it bollocks)
Persela v Arema 2-2 (Suparno, Firasat; Serge 2) 12,000

When two of the worst teams in the ISL meet you expect boredom and dreams of visiting a painful dentist. Didn't happen at Lebak Bulus where Persitara fully deserved their first win of the season against a team worse than them but still keen on playing football. Congrats to Agus Murod in the Semarang goal for an impressive performance.


Tampines Rovers v SAF 3-1 (Shahdan Sulaiman 61' Fahrudin Mustafic 77' Qiu Li 90'; Ahmad Latiff 72')

SAF could have gone top tonight but they didn't.

Ok so I'm pissed, it has been a good night including a bit of verbals with twats who should know better, but the action round the region has been proof indeed that while the game here may not get the publicity on the pitch it stands up to intense inspection.

After last nights clasic, scroll down eh, I went to Persitara expecting little beyond a smile and a cold bag of chips. i got neither but I did get a good game of football played by two teams who did just that. Play football.

The leagues in Thailand and Singapore took more twists than a Reticulated Python gagging on Steve Irwin and you know what? If you live here then get down to a game eh?

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