Thursday, September 11, 2008



After you, no, please, after you. The SLeague is proving to be unfailingly polite as we get down to the wire.

Albirex Niigata v Home United 1-1 (Akira Takase 85'; Valery Hiek 68') 2,103
Woodlands Wellington v Gombak United 0-2 (Ruhaizad Ismail 43', T Seehawong 55') 1,556
Dalian Shide v SAF 1-4 (Bi Jinhao 24' ;John Wilkinson 2'Faizal Aziz 22'Aleksandar Duric 33',78') 709

SAF back on top with 61 points from 26 games while Home sit a point behind. Super Reds have a game in hand and have 59 points.

I'll be in Singapore in three weeks time to catch SAF and Home United in action which I'm looking forward to. Wanted to take in Super Reds as well but that would have clashed with the Formula One which holds as much attraction to me as warm beer.

Link-kan PSPS Pekanbaru dong...
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