Saturday, September 20, 2008


SLeague Title Race

Super Reds

26/09 v Gombak United (H)
29/09 v Home United (A)
24/10 v Albirex Niigata (H)
31/10 v Sengkang Punggol (A)
04/11 v SAF (H)
11/11 v Balestier Khalsa (A)
16/11 v Tampines Rovers (H)

Singapore Armed Forces

27/09 v Tampines Rovers (A)
02/10 v Woodlands Wellington (H)
16/10 v Balestier Khalsa (A)
28/10 v Young Lions (H)
04/11 v Super Reds (A)
14/11 v Home United (H)
17/11 v Gombak United (A)

Home United

29/09 v Super Reds (H)
03/10 v Geylang United (H)
17/10 v Young Lions (A)
26/10 v Woodlands (A)
03/11 v Sengkang Punggol (H)
14/11 v SAF (A)
17/11 v Balestier Khalsa (H)

Prediction? Not me lah. But I would say that Tampines Rover will be difficult for both the Super Reds and SAF. Plus the fact that they all have to play each other.

Tellingly Super Reds have a break of about a month which of course can work both ways. Momentum is lost but then the players wil be fresh for the final games. I think though that if I was the coach I would rather have players playing than sitting on their butts watching Mr Bean reruns.

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