Friday, September 05, 2008


Persija Home at Last

Persija have had an impressive start to the season but a start they have not been able to share with their fans.

Away Persitara - behind closed doors in Soreang
Away Persib - Persija fans don't travel to Bandung
Away PSMS - played in Semarang and a few travelled
Away Sriwijaya - about 200 travelled
Home Pelita Jaya - played in Solo. About 600 made the journey

Finally this Sunday I understand permission has been granted for Persija fans to support their team at Bung Karno Stadium as they host PSIS. The fans have been told to avoid rioting (!), avoid 'offensive' chanting (about the police or FA) and to buy official tickets.

Of course much can change between now and 9pm on Sunday evening!

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