Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Fares Please

Tonight sees Persita play Persijap in the ISL. Normally for an away game like this the clubs would fly, in this case to Semarang.

But times are tough for the cash strapped club from Tangerang so they have taken the bus for the gruelling journey. Gruelling not because it's far, Semarang is perhaps a 45 minute flight. Gruelling 'cos the road is shit.

The north coast road is a 'mare. Often narrow, it plainly can't cope with the long distance lorries that trek from one end of Java to the other, let alone private vehicles and public transport.

The journey time could be anything up to 10 hours apparently...hardly ideal preparation for a side with just four points from their opening seven games.

Football and the glamourous lifestyle eh?

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