Friday, August 29, 2008


Playing Through Ramadan

The ISL will continue on through the fasting month this season with games kicking off at 9pm to allow the players to break their fast and recover from their first meal.

Normally there has been a break but this season given the Independence Cup in Jakarta and the Merdeka Cup in KL we could have been without domestic football from the end of August till the end of October and then where would we be?

As it is the season has a very hesitant feel to it with breaks for the aformentioned competitions plus another one in December for the AFF Cup and possibly, I guess no one has looked this far ahead, another one in January when the Asian Cup Qualifiers start.

The season was slated to end in April 09 but now that has been extended till May. And next year ramadan will be a month earlier and there will be the Presidential elections to take into account but let's not go there. Not now. Wait until we get a bit closer to the time, say a week before, then do the calculating!

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