Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Persija's Good Run

Persija's fine start to the season which has seen them win four straight games on the road has surprised many people.

Last season the Kemayoran Tigers could attack but were less successful in channeling back. Bambang and Aliyudin were a potent threat, the top scoring Indonesians in the League, but could be light weight and of Robertinho didn't get up in support they would be isolated.

At other times too many bodies would be caught up front and bodies were slow getting back.

New coach Danurwindo has addressed these issues by having the team play with more discipline as well as bringing in two new players who complement last season's squad.

Hamkah Hamza is a player who loves to get forward, perhaps one reason why Persik snapped him up, but he could be slow tracking back so he has been replaced by the experienced Cameroonian Pierre Njana who is settling in nicely alongside compatriot Herman Abanda.

Providing strength up front is naturalised Singaporean Greg Nwokolo who provides physical presence to Bambang and Aliyudin's mobility. With Robertinho adding guile form deep Persija's attacking potency comes all along the front line as well as late runs from the middle.

Persija of course have won nothing yet and most of their fans have yet to see them play, 170 made the trip to Palembang to see them beat Sriwijaya, but hopes are high, even at this early stage of the season, that this could be their season.

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