Thursday, August 28, 2008


Indonesia Beat Indonesia

Indonesia v Indonesia B 1-0

Indonesia : 23-Markus Horison, 2-M Robi, 6-Charis Yulianto (captain), 11-Ponaryo Astaman, 14-Ismed Sofyan, 15-Firman Utina/3-Erol Iba, 17-M Ilham, 13-Budi Sudarsono, 19-Arif Suyono, 20-Bambang Pamungkas/10-Rudi Widodo, 22-Isnan Ali/8-Elie Aiboy.

Indonesia B: 2-Richie Pravita, 3-Achmad Jufrianto, 6-Djayusman Triasdi, 13-Rizki Lestahulu (kapten), 10-Jajang Mulyana/18-Riski Novriansyah, 11-M Bahtiar/20-Safri Umri, 1-Galih Sudaryono (kiper), 15-Egi Megiansyah, 22-Samsul Arif, 16-Hendro Siswanto, 21-Novian Setyo Sasongko/19-Cornelius Geddi.

Libya v Myanmar 5-3

Friday's Independence Cup Final will be between Indonesia and Lybia and will be played on a field in a kampung 326 km east of Jakarta in the hope of attracting some fans.

Nah, not really!

Bung Karno as per usual though with it being a final perhaps a four figure attendance may make it.

No idea what time the kick off is. If it's 9.15 then I'm not going. A daft time to start a football match, whoever came up with that idea?

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