Sunday, August 10, 2008


Independence Cup 2008

After a little flurry of excitement when the Indonesian FA website anounced a couple of Argentinian sides were on their way, (the page was quickly pulled down!), the schedule has been finalised for the first Independence Cup to be held in Indonesia since the last one.

As you can see everything is being done to maximise attendances after a feeble 2 or 3 thousand turned up for the recent friendly with the New Zealand Olympic side.

All games will be held at Bung Karno Stadium with the first game kicking off at 6.30 and the second at 9.15.

21/08 Indonesia U23 v Cambodia, Libya v Myanmar
22/08 Myanmar v Indonesia, Cambodia v Brunei
25/08 Indonesia U23 v Brunei, Indonesia v Libya
27/08 Semi Finals
29/08 Finals

Notice how no games are scheduled for the weekend. Smart move that. I mean I for one relish the opportunity of watching Libya play Myanmar knowing that it won't finish till after 11 and I won't get home till after 12 and I have work the next day.

And playing in front of an empty Bung Karno under lights just looks and sounds so impressive.

No ticket details yet but somehow I don't think any game will sell out.

Still, credit to the FA for dusting off this competition and let's hope it becomes an annual event. Perhaps featuring less teams but more quality next time though, eh?


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