Friday, August 29, 2008


The Farce Continues!

Some fans turned up but after half time the Libyans didn't. They stayed in the dressing room, Indonesia kicked off and the ref halted the game.

More as I hear ...

There was an incident at half time between one of the Indonesian coaches and a Libyan coach, the Libyans got the hump and the Indonesians win by default.

Indonesia were leading 3-1 but who cares?

They are now dishing out the prizes, including one for fair play, but the whole thing is even more devalued. A poorly promoted, poorly attended competition ends in farce.

Welcome to football...Indonesia style.

Apologies 31/8...they were losing 1-0 when their goalkeeping coach decided to offer the Libyan coach some Indonesian hospitality by whacking him. I understand it ain't the first time the ere toward unheard of chap has been a hooking and a whacking either but you don't want to know that gutter press tittle tattle do you?

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