Monday, August 04, 2008


FAM Make Decisions, Shock

And it's bye bye foreigners. The FAM has decided the ills of Malaysian football can be laid at the door of the foreigners, player like leading scorer, Marlon Alex James who netted 40 goals last season.

All players on contracts will have them terminated.

FAM deputy president Khairy Jamaluddin said many of the foreigners were not good enough and had failed to increase attendances.

Who signed them?
Who's responsible for marketing the game?

The FAM, who seem to operate in some alternative universe to the rest of the world, then decreed MSL matches would be played on Wednesday and as not to clash with English Premier League games on TV!!!

Other decisions, the committee must have had three shredded wheat each, sees no format has been decided for next years Malaysian Cup (this years hasn't finished yet), and Kuala Muda along with KL Plus have been promoted while Sarawak get relegated.

Also all MSL sides must field an Under 20 player each game. Whether he is good enough or not.

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