Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Security Trumps Football

The new ISL season began under a cloud of confusion with rumours rife that some clubs would not finish the season and now, some three rounds in, those rumours have intensified, not lessened as confusion reigns.

Last Monday's local derby clash between Persija and Persita was cancelled after the police refused to give permission for the game to go ahead leaving thousands of disappointed fans milling round the Bung Karno Stadium in down town Jakarta.

Even before this announcement, home fans were considering boycotting the game in protest at the percieved high prices of tickets.

Several months ago, after intense lobby of the Sports Minister, Persija recieved permission to use Indonesia's premier sporting venue for the ISL but, push comes to shove, it ain't happening 'cos the bobbies won't let it. Financial forecasts can be torn up in this brave new world of privatised football all because a few thousand school kids can't be controlled!

The recent Jakarta derby, played four hours south of the capital, was also played without fans because the security officials couldn't handle the kids.

Away fans weren't needed at Siliwangi Stadium for the Persija v Persib clash and there was still a riot. A riot that was allowed to peter out before any firm action was taken by the security officials. Just how were kids allowed to climb the fences and destroy a TV camera gantry with immunity? These guys could teach diplomats a thing or two.

The ISL is in danger of being hijacked by the threat of riot and the fear the security forces can't handle it.

Now, on Wednesday morning, we are still none the wiser as to when the Persija v Persita game will go ahead. Friday has Persija scheduled to play Persijap...

Who runs football here?

looks like u got some spam here.

security should trump football. every time!
he s gone

assuming a competent security apparatus then yes. but when you have one that is there purley to watch football and then be away on there not do their job?

basically the police are saying they can t control a few kids...true of course but a startling admission from the men in grey
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