Sunday, July 20, 2008


Peter Reid & Thailand

The Thais seem happy to have recruited former England international Peter Reid and no doubt the scouser is looking forward to plenty of beach time but...

...the Thais have been living in the past for too long and it doesn't matter if it's Peter Reid or Jose Mourinho if the talent pool is limited then success will remain a dream.

The days of the Dream Team from the mid 90's when Tawan, Kiatisuk & co strode across the Asian tableau are but a memory and this current generation have yet to prove they are the equal of, let alone, superior to, those legends.

With the domestic game a mess, they recently had two leagues running(!) simultaneously, and results poor on the international stage Peter Reid has his work cut out trying to realise Thai dreams with what's available to him.

Since those heady days the Thais have been overhauled in ASEAN by Singapore who are on course for a third straight AFF Championship this December while Indonesia are champing at the bit as well.

In the greater Asia region Australia have arrived on the scene while matching the likes of Japan and South Korea is nowt but a dream. And as for the countries of the gulf and even Uzbekistan?

Living and working in Thailand maybe a dream, and I did it for the best part of a decade, but unrealistic ambitions may make the hot seat hotter than a hot dish of Gaeng Khio Wan Gai!


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