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Persib v Persija 2-3

For the second consecutive game Persib flew out the blocks and were a goal up within 60 seconds. Good work by Eka Ramdhani down the inside left found international striker Zaenal Arief in so much space he had enough time to complete the cryptic Times crossword, a poor first touch and putting the ball past Hendro Kartiko.

10 minutes later and Abanda Herman, also taking advantage of acres of space, powered home a header.

God, I'm begining to sound like a talking head on TV, blaming everything on poor marking. That's what comes from spending too much time with coaches recently.

Ramdhani has been at the heart of all that has been good from Persib and could be the match winner as he revels in his role just behind Zaenal.

Half time 1-1

Robertinho on 62' and Bambang on 75' make it 3-1 for Persija with about 12' minutes left.

On 84' Hilton Moriera fell outside the penalty area but the ref pointed to the spot. Hilton put the kick wide and all hell broke loose with play held up for several minutes amid smoke bombs and a rain of plastic bottles as home fans went on one.

TV coverage has ended and Indonesia settles down to watch Pet Semetary 2.

UPDATE - Once the stadium had been emptied, and the riot taken outside, the last five minutes were played out and Persib scored a penalty.

Considering the history of this game why isn't it played a) somewhere neutral or b) behind closed doors?

Still, given the fact that an away win is this fixture has always looked unlikely this is perhaps a step forward for the game? Till now the worry has been if either Persija or Persib won this game away from home it would go off and perhaps this has led to a series of home wins or draws.

But the message coming out of this is clear. The game will not be hijacked by the actions of sore losers and teams will now win, draw or lose on merit.

Or maybe I'm just a dreamer!

Recent record between the two sides

May 22, 2005 : Persib Bandung - Persija Jakarta 1 - 1 Boy Jati Asmara ‘30, Ismed Sofyan ‘72
Sep 4, 2005 : Persija Jakarta - Persib Bandung WO
Feb 26, 2006 : Persija Jakarta - Persib Bandung 0 - 0
May 20, 2006 : Persib Bandung - Persija Jakarta 1 - 1 Hamka Hamzah ‘14 Zainal Arif ‘85
Apr 24th, 2007 : Persib Bandung - Persija Jakarta 3 - 0 Eka Ramdani ‘14, Bekamenga ‘16, ‘40
Aug 16th, 2007 : Persija Jakarta - Persib Bandung 1 - 0 Agus Indra ‘16

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just about to go out jogging with me persija jersey on. good on the jak!
lets the party begin .. Total Orange in GBK on July 28th first home game. yet again, we beat them on their ground. no persib on capital city, that's the rules.
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