Thursday, July 24, 2008


More Money Woes

Along with Perak in Malaysia and Persitara here in Indonesia it has now been revealed double winners Sriwijaya are feeling the pinch and not paid their players for two months.

Having an Indonesian Super League is all very commendable but professionalism isn't just an empty phrase. It needs to encompass club management and it needs professionals to run the game.

Not a bunch of Communicator carrying, status seeking nobodys.

i heard on 5 live the other night, that arsenal have to sell about £25m a year in players, cos that's the present shortfall for paying the mortgage on the emirates.

not sure how true that is, but i wouldn't be too surprised, see as flats at highbury aren't shifting. sounds like arsenal are half loss making real estate agent, half football club nowadays.
we ve never been a big spending club anyway

now tottenham...they like to splash the cash but these days most of the players they say they wanna sign go elsewhere
yeh and the players we want to keep go elsewhere too! ;)
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