Wednesday, July 23, 2008


The Kiwis are Coming

Tomorrow sees Indonesia host the New Zealand Olympic side as they prepare for their bid for gold in Beijing.

Tickets go on sale on the day of the match from 9 am and are available in four categories:

VIP West - 100,000 rupiah
VIP East - 75,000
Category 1 - 50,000
Category 2 - 25,000

Last night I went to a reception hosted by the New Zealand ambassador at his place and managed to meet the squad and coaches. I'm hoping to have an exclusive story come out of this...keep it here lah!

Coach Stuart Jacobs told me that though the pitch in their first friendly against Persikota was bad he wasn't using that as an excuse for their 2-0 defeat. Rather, it was the lads first real try out and coming so soon after landing and so early in their schedule there was some tiredness. He was however impressed by some thing he saw and hopes that by the time they land in China they will be approaching peak fitness and form.

Their assistant coach is a chap named Jonathon Gould who used to play for Celtic. His old man is Bobby, formerly of Arsenal among others.

Among those others is Coventry City where he was manager for a while. During his spell their one of his goal keepers was Raddy Avramovic, now Singapore coach, who Jonathon remembers well.

Those boody Kiwis! By the time I got round to the food the buggers had eaten all the lamb and I was left with a plate of rabbit food!!!


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