Sunday, July 20, 2008


How Important is Diet in Developing Young Players?

As I was watching the AFF Under 16s recently in Jakarta I was struck by the sheer size of the Indonesian players when they lined up against their opponents. Even the Singapore and Malaysian players towered above, and outwards, the locals.

What about diet? I may live here but Indonesian food is in the main awful. Endless Bakso and Indo Mie washed down with lashings of Teh Botol isn't going to develop young bodies.

These kids come from the villages of Indonesia where food and hygiene is basic to say the least and doesn't come close to what the lads in Malaysia can eat and drink.

No one here drinks milk! and in the villages it's only available in the long life format, not as something fresh you neck with pleasure.

The BBC recently touched on the issue of malnourishment here and while I'm not suggesting the young players are starving perhaps they are eating the wrong stuff?

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