Sunday, July 20, 2008


Feedback From Persib v Persija

Or comments you won't be reading elsewhere.

HAHAHA...AWESOME! - Danang Ismartani, leader of Persija Supporters' Club

Fucking mayhem - One of the TV commentators in a private sms, not on air!

This is a good day to win! - Yusuf Andibachtiar, movie maker

I find out something when watching the game. 15 reasons why beer is better than women - Former Persitara coach Richard Azreg

Persib Supporters Club leader Heru Joko hasn't replied yet while within the Persija camp they are waiting for safe transport away from the stadium!

another riot from village supporters .. they should understand that bad behaviour will cause their club suffer more sanction from disciplinary committee (and revenge from JakCrew when they play away against those clubs based in jakarta as well). no away supporter quota as usual, aarrghhh grow up lads. f*ckin idiot ...

ohh yeah, some of our boys are went to siliwangi to watched the match last night (without attribute off course) .. happy birthday viking, sorry for real bad gift from us.

are you viking - are you viking - are you viking in disguise !!

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