Sunday, July 20, 2008


Australia v Bahrain 6-5 (on penalties)

A late equaliser in normal time by substitute Marc Warren saved the Australians against a well drilled Bahrain side in the final of the AFF Under 16s.

Warren's arrival during the second half turned the game that appeared to be drifting from the Aussies after the side from the gulf had taken a lead and looked to be on course for the trophy.

His crossing ability put pressure on the Bahrain defence but ironically it was his header from a corner that saved the Joey's blushes.

Penalties followed after a goalless extra time and as we nervously wondered how many beers would be left at the wedding we were due at Australia triumphed under a full Jakarta moon.

Losing by penalties is a cruel way to lose and I had hoped to take some snaps of the Bahrain players n the dressing room after but they were, to a man, in tears while in the dressing room next door the joy was unbounded.

The look on the Australians' faces as they received the trophy was one to behold and the night belonged to them. No one remembers the losers but for me I have been impressed by Bahrain and wish them luck in the future.

Images here.

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