Saturday, July 19, 2008


ASEAN Under 16 Final

Today sees the final day of the ASEAN Under 16s that have been held in Jakarta over the last week or so. They have been a lot of fun with some quality football produced by the kids.

No surprise really that the final features Australia and Bahrain but only seconds came between Malaysia and the Aussies.

The focus of this site is obviously the fortunes of the South East Asian nations and while I will be watching the final I will be watching the 3/4th Place Play Off between Malaysia and Singapore especially keenly.

Malaysia have impressed everyone I think with their performances while Singapore turned in a wonderful performance against Australia yet strangey went missing against hosts Indonesia.

It promises to be another great day of football and as ever I will be covering the action after it happens with exclusive articles and images.

So exciting has this tournament been it has, for me at least, relegated ISL action from the headlines.


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