Monday, June 30, 2008


Shh. It's a Secret!

While watching many SLeague games I don't have a scooby who is actually playing. Yeah, I know the teams but the players.

At the start of the game the MC runs through the line ups, jersey number 12 blah blah, but unfortunately I can't remember all that he says as he races through both teams in 14.26 seconds flat. Sorry, just the way it is.

Club officials do give out a single sheet team sheet before the game but these only go to the media, referee assessors and people like that. Not the fans.

Isn't it too much to distribute these to all the fans in the stadium so that at least we know who is playing. Except for the gamblers of course who don't care who's playing as long as they win.

Fair play to Geylang United who distribute a single sheet leaflet that carries the team line ups.

Is this really beyond other clubs' abilities? Develop some kind of link between the club and the fans?

At the moment there are fan clubs or cheer leaders who rarely actually watch the game or even react to events on the pitch beyond the monotonous drumming. How much does these people really know about their club? Or the SLeague?

How do interested fans get involved? It all seems so cliquey with a few people beating drums and eating chicken rice at half time and nowhere at the stadium that allows other people to sign up. Even if they wanted to.

Brought up on You'll never walk alone, endless chants of Defend can seem unispiring to a new breed of supporter. They see flags and t shirts but have no idea where to buy these items from; it's almost masonic, perhaps they need a secret handshake or perhaps a special way of eating chicken rice before they would be allowed in.

I was over at the SAF stadium on Friday meeting their coach Richard Bok and I noticed piles of Warcry lying around. It's the club's newsletter and it's left gathering dust in an office instead of being on sale in the community, or even given away and increasing the awareness of the club.

A sports shop next to the stadium didn't sell SAF merchandise!

This is Singapore ffs. A country built upon business acumen.

Until it comes to football!

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