Friday, April 11, 2008


Super Reds

But Manchester United or the SLeague high flyers?

Sunday sees SAF take on Super Reds in a crucial top of the table clash that could see the Warriors move six points clear of the Reds. But will many fans bother turning up for this intriguing clash?

It does after all clash with the small matter of United v Arsenal.

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to predict what Sunday's papers will be all about; give you a clue, you won't find Alexander Duric's name in bold letters on the back page. Instead the media will tap into Singapore's love of a team most of them will never see in a city they will never visit.

SAF are probably the best team in ASEAN at the moment but when you consider most fans in ASEAN countries have no idea who the 'big' teams are in other countries then perhaps it's time the ASEAN football federation got serious about a club tournament featuring the best in the region.

Asian football may not be 'cool' but I see no reason why teams like Chonburi, Selangor, SAF and Persija can not become recognisable brands in the region. Just takes a little vision...and a lot of money!

We seriously are crying out for a properly organised ASEAN Club Championship, but ASEAN seem to be incapable of ruuning and organising one.

At the moment, the Singapore Cup could be described as it, if only it featured the whole of ASEAN.
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