Friday, April 11, 2008


Selangor's bad week

It started last Saturday when they lost teh vital top of the table clash with Kedah at home 1-0. They then lost 1-0 to Premier League side Kuala Muda in the first leg of the FA Cup. Can things get worse?

They have just been stung 34,000 RM and deducted three points!

They withdrew four players from a coaching clinic run by Ian Rush the other week to prepare for a cup tie with Perak but this action is in breach of FA rules hence the punishment.


Kedah and MyTeam are losing a player at a vital time of the season so they can spend two weeks with Chelsea's youth team. Now this. It is commendable that the FA are looking at ways to improve quality but surely they need to think about the timing?

Yet again this smacks of 'oh look at us, we're sending players to Chelsea, we have Ian Rush coaching our forwards, Manchester United are coming to town.' These headline grabbing gestures come at the expense of the domestic football scene and perhaps shows where priorities lie.

As it stands now Kedah need one point from their final four games to secure back to back championships but it has been soured somewhat by Selangor's points deduction. The title was as good as the Canaries anyway but one can't help but think that in future nothing but nothing takes priority over the dignity of the national competitions.

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