Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Persik to play Perth Glory?

Local reports say that 2006 Liga Champions Persik Kediri travelling to Western Australia in June to play a friendly against Perth Glory.

This is just the type of fixture Indonesian clubs need to be arranging as they seek to get acclimatised to conditions in other countries. During last season's Asian Champions League Persik showed they have the nous to play alongside the big boys of Asian football. What let them down was playing away from home in alien cultures.

Places where the pitches weren't rolled by 4WDs. Where dressing rooms had lockers and seats.

It comes as no surprise that it is Persik who are taking this leap. They have a new coach, Arcan Iurie, in place, as well as a new squad featuring the best of Indonesian talent.

Persija, on the other hand, continue to wade through quick sand tied down with metal boots. Behind the scenes bickering is holding back any recruitment or indeed short term planning.

Back to Persik. I spoke on Sunday with their former keeper Kurnia Sandy and we discussed his time in Sampdoria as well as the ACL games last week. Read it on ESPN lah


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Is there any follow up on this news, or was it just a local rumour at the time?

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