Sunday, March 30, 2008


Odds n sods

The deal taking Christian Lenglolo to Persija looks to be off. A source close to the Jakarta club tells me new coach Danurwindo isn't interested.

Instead he may be looking at James Koko Lomel who also apparently interests Persiba.

I have mentioned before about the political bickering behind the scenes at Persija. As well as being run by the local government the club is 'owned' by various local 'clubs' and they took the opportunity to try and increase their control.

Persija now are a company, Persija Jaya PT, to comply with FA and AFC regulations, but politics still rule. The new Jakarta governor is less of a football fan than the old one and is in no rush to renovate the Lebak Bulus stadium. With Bung Karno being forbidden by the Minister of Sports Persija look like they will start the new season at the plainly inadequate LB.

A marketing team has been set up at the club but, um, nothing has come from them yet!

Nurdin Halid continues to hang on to his position as head of the FA despite being in jail and despite the threat of sanctions from FIFA. The authorities here are dragging their feet and hoping the problem goes away.

A protest march last week attracted lots of cameras but achieved little beyond a promise from the sec gen to pass on the fans concerns. That means shit of course. The feeling is within the FA that if Nurdin goes they will all lose their cosy little sinecures.

Persitara's new coach Richard Azreg tells me he is busy at the moment putting together a squad focussing on young local talent a la Pelita Jaya. As it happens my maids son is currently trialling with the North Jakarta side! He hopes to look at foreign talent in May.

Kurnia Sandy, former Indonesia and Persik keeper, is trialling with Persebaya at the moment. The Surabaya team may be in the second tier of football but with the signing of I Putu Gede and now seducing Kurnia they are sending out a message.

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