Thursday, March 27, 2008


Malaysian Football Sites

Perak - fans site
Perak - official site
Perak - blog
Terengganu - fans site
MyTeam - forum
Negeri Sembilan
Sarawak - fans site
DPMM - fans site
Johor - fans site

Malaysian FA Official Site

Jakarta - i'm wondering if you know about the proposals for the AFC Pro League in 2009 and the criteria the leagues have to fill to gain entry?

If not, take a look at and can you give us your opinion?

I'm boys Thailand look like they will be dumped by AFC because they don't fill any criteria.
good idea. i'll work on something tonight

what happened to your blogs? do you know of any thai football forums since asianfc died?
i take part on a website called

we got some guys on their whio like their thai footy, i post my stuff mainly on their.

I didn't really have it in me to write a blog every other day really - and the fact i'm in UkK, its hard to get any info as such
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