Monday, March 24, 2008


How bloody naive

Forget the false hope given by Bacary Sagna's headed goal from a corner, we were abysmal for large parts of todays game.

Naive? More neat, intricate passes into brick walls, how many times did Fabregas, Hleb etc give the ball away in the final third?

Adebayor? He might as well have gone to feed the ducks at Hyde Park the amount of use he was today. Hleb, where does it say in your contract you can't bloody shoot?

Eboue, please do us all a favour and fuck off. Forget the transfer window, just go now. You petulant, whinging excuse of a player. It's not often I've hated someone who pulls on my shirt but for you I'll make an excuse.

Four points from five games, I'm holding my head in shame. I really thought Old Trafford and WHL were one offs but maybe not. Why the hell bring Theo on, stick him wide right and NOT GIVE HIM THE BALL??? Hello, those passes to Adebayor weren't working lads, neither is he, and they haven't for five games. Neither has he. I do hope we don't have another undroppable player on our hands but Adebayor has done nothing for the cause in the last few games.

Fabregas has gone off the boil. Hell, he's tepid at the moment and is looking to out do Hleb in the ridiculous short pass stakes.

No point blaming the lino for not picking up Drogba being offside for the first goal. We are to blame for being naive.

Forget these fucking pretty triangles, I want trophies. I want a Didier Drogba who muscles players out the way, Adebayor is too ungainly and has a poor first touch, like DD in his first season. I want a Ronaldo getting 20 ++ a season, I want a keeper who is worth 18 points a season. (Fair dos to Almunia, along with Flamini our man of the match. But then the rest of his mates allowed him to be kept busy.) I want a wide player who goes wide. And I want players who fucking shoot once in a while!

Arsene won't leave and he shouldn't leave. He has done enough for the Arsenal to decide when he wants to go. He's creating a team from scratch and deserves the chance to see it come to fruition but it looks like this season will the third trophyless campaign in a row and you wonder whether or not these players will ever produce.

I'm in a freaking bad mood...not at losing but the manner of the defeat. Naive, that somes it up perfectly.

Come on Arsenal

if anything arsenal looked lightweight at the back, once chelsea started pinging balls up to anelka and drogba.

keep the faith, arsenal will come good (next season) -- and this is from a spurs fan, i dunno...
I think its being slightly harsh on Ade. When we don't play as well it seems to me connected to us not moving the ball quickly enough therefore teams can set themselves against us. I don't think Ade has had the chances or service he had in previous parts of the season. I think we've really missed Rosicky, the lad works incredibly hard and we've also suffered from our old problem of not crossing the ball from the byline. I never understand why we don't do it more, it always leads to problems for the opposition defence.
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