Sunday, March 09, 2008


The FA Cup is back

Oh yes, somehow our twatting at Old Trafford seems less disappointing or painful now that we are going to have a different name on the cup this season. Oh joy!

For the first time since 1991, Forest v Tottenham, two of football's 'lesser' lights will contest the final and as an Arsenal fan I love it!

What about Barnsley? Since appearing in two finals in three years back in the early 20th Century they have had liitle to sing about - remember they also gave the world Arthur Scargill! But after beating Chelsea and Liverpool this lot from South Yorkshire's mining communities must fancy their chances against Olympiakos and Inter Milan.

Congrats to Simon Davey and his merry band.

Portsmouth are one game away from having the Pompey Chimes ring out around Wembley Stadium. Like Barnsley they have won it before, back in 1939 and if they do reach the final imagine this bar being either packed or closed with the landlord calling in some favours!

It's not often West Bromwich Albion go into the final stages of a competition with the best pedigree of any one but the Baggies do boast the best FA Cup record of any of the teams still left. They have played in an impressive 10 finals, winning five. OK, five of them finals were back in the 19th century but their record pisses over everyone else.

A cup final appearance for WBA would be their eleventh putting them behind Manchester United, Arsenal, Newcastle, Liverpool and Everton and three ahead of that big club wannabe Chelsea.

Middlesbrough, like Bristol Rovers who play WBA today, have never won the Cup while their opponents Cardiff did back in 1927. I did say a while back, half heartedly, that Portsmouth v Cardiff City would make a good final. Who knows but who ever appears I'm looking forward to it which is more than can be said if it was Chelsea v Man Utd ad infinitum

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