Saturday, March 29, 2008


Bilardo coaches the coaches

Argentinian coach Carlos Bilardo is coming to Indonesia to conduct an intensive three day coaching clinic. He arrives on 1st April, or maybe he doesn't, and wiping the jet lag from his eyes has his first session after lunch.

As Indonesia strives to improve the professionalism within the game it is vitally important experienced coaches are brought over to pass on their knowledge and when Bilardo first steps out on to the training pitch he can be assured of one thing. He will be the only guy who has coached a World Cup winning side there.

It is to be hoped that the clubs recognise this and support their coaches to attend the clinic. We never stop learning but in the burly burly world of Persiwa away it can be easy to forget in football you are part of a big family and like all families they have their own ideas.


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