Monday, March 24, 2008


Are Chelsea fans the dumbest in England?

As Avram Grant decided to throw on Anelka and someone else yesterday at the Bridge the Chelsea support responded with their favourite chant of "You don't what you're doing!' Maybe but he collected three points.

In the wake of Jose's departure earlier in the season out came the supporters with their chants of 'Bring back the special one' only to disappear without trace after a few wins shut them up.

It can't be easy being a Chelsea fan of long standing these days with these new band wagon jumpers sanitising the support and dumbing cown the chants.

Their recent titles and odd cup have attracted a new breed of supporter who have no idea about the club's past. Mention Osgood, Cooke, The Shed, Nevin or Headhunters to them and they won't have a scooby. A club lacking any real traditions is having to invent them as they go along while swallowing the party line as dictated by slap head Kenyon and the money man Abramovich.

Tourists attracted by the moneybags image of the club take success for granted while the real hardcore, those who remember Mickey Droy and were brought up on crap know how fleeting it all can be. For a club that had money troubles before they were trendy, that had 10,000 crowds in the old second division, who remember Master Bates and his scheme for electrified barbed wire it must be galling to see their club hijacked bythe know nothings.

Things aren't so bad after all at Arsenal are they? Fans aren't calling for Wenger to be given the sack beyond a few nuggets on internet forums. Instead we just get frustrated but recall the things that make a club successful. Stability. Loyalty.

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