Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Up yours, Premier League

After less than enthusiastic receptions from both Korea and Japan the AFC have entered the debate about Asian countries hosting English Premier League games - by giving it a big thumbs down.

AFC head Mohamed bin Hammam confirmed he would oppose any such proposals saying, quite rightly, that "AFC member associations (should) protect their own national leagues and clubs within their territories."

He added "if this principle is accepted then the FA Premier League must accept reciprocal arrangements within their own territory." Love it! Can you imagine the East Coast Derby, Geylang United v Tampines at Old Trafford or perhaps Arema Malang v Persebaya at St James Park?!

Last season Hammam stepped into a row in Malaysia when he said Manchester United and their gaggle of supporting sponsors could not play a friendly in the middle of the Asian Cup.

While it is the job of the Premier League to prostitute themselves for every last baht, peso or rupiah possible, no matter how undignified and laughable it may seem to the rest of us, it is the responsibility of the AFC to support the development of member associations and leagues. Even, nay especially, when the member association momentarily gets all starstruck like Malaysia last year.

Saudi Arabia have expressed an interest in hosting games but they would want to choose which teams which makes that a non starter.

With the Indonesian season over and the SLeague starting next week it's good to have something to write about! No matter how nonsensical...

Thy want to take the premier league to the world, but why not bring the world to them?

Serious Asian followers will follow their local team, whom ever it is from Choburi to Persik. So why not repay these fans. Give these football supporters tickets to Old Trafford, St James, etc and throw in the free flights?
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drury, this ain t about the world is it? it s about the premier league. good to see the aussies said no!!
But if the premier league get a foot in, can't you see the rest wanting to come, Spain, Italy?

It would kill Asian Football full stop.
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