Sunday, February 24, 2008


A thought for Eduardo

It's what we do in English football innit. You make yourself known doncha, you gotta let the other guy know you ain't gonna let him take liberties cos he's a piece of sublime skill and you're just a fuckin' carthorse in sponsored boots.

Watch Eduardo's foot twist, is that bone coming through his sock?

Then watch managers and fellow pros get behind 'their own.' Martin Taylor? He's a good 'un, never set out to hurt someone he wouldn't.

Of course he hasn't set out to hurt Eduardo. He set out to let the other guy know he was there. It was a 'warning' tackle that happens week in, week out in football and 999 times out of a thousand it's nothing. Except this time fortune wasn't smiling on the young Croatian forward.

No, it wasn't deliberate as in Taylor didn't set out to knacker a young man's career. He set out to limit his impact on the game of football by saying 'look at me, I can kick lumps out of you', back off.

I hope Eduardo's career ain't over. I hope he doesn't get traumatised by 'stopper centre halfs' who swing their legs in the manner of weekend golfers swinging their clubs with gay abandon. I hope there is no next time.


Well said. I hate those wimps who curse at Taylor like he's world biggest git. By all means that tackle happens everytime and everywhere, even in our old Liga Indonesia we see that kind of tackle anytime. It was just an unfortunate incident and I hope both parties can get over this fix quickly and I hope the media won't make Taylor's life worse.
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